Understanding and Healing the Enmeshment / Underdeveloped Self Schema

From Merging & Disconnection to Autonomy & Attachment

Unhealed this schema can be a deep pattern that undermines self-understanding, causes confusion and provokes anxiety around forming close relationships and limits the ability to function in the world at full potential.


This 2-day workshop will be helpful for anyone working with individuals who struggle in their understanding interpersonal boundaries, struggle to maintain boundaries in their relationships and who challenge their therapists to manage comfortable boundaries. This workshop will also provide a different perspective in working with patients who contend with an Attachment Style that is either Avoidant or Anxious.


Jeff will demonstrate and teach strategies for healing this Schema and weakening Modes that perpetuate and strengthening Mode that help dissipate this Schema. Special emphasis will be given on Day 2, to the leveraging of the therapeutic relationship in the service of Schema healing and Mode change.


An additional benefit for participants will be an opportunity for therapists to do some personal reflection on how the Enmeshment and Undeveloped Self Schema might be impacting their personal relationships and their professional clinical work and to consider personal applications for healing this very potent Schema.

This course will take place at Resource for London, 356 Holloway Rd, London N7 6PA



Jeff Conway, LCSW

Director of Training for the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST)