Auxiliary Schema Therapist Certification

New: ISST-Approved Training of Auxiliary professionals in Schema Therapy in the UK

Schema Therapy Institute, London Auxiliary Schema Therapist Certification

This certification is designed for mental health professionals other than psychotherapists who are working as members of a multidisciplinary treatment team including but not limited to: creative therapists (art, drama, music, movement, nonverbal, psychomotor, etc.), psychiatric nurses, social workers, occupational therapists and physiotherapists.

As with the other certifications of Schema Therapy, there are two levels: Standard (i.e. individual schema therapy) and Advanced (i.e. adding group schema therapy). Participants have up to 3 years to fulfil each level. The advanced program can start any time after completing the standard level certification.



Standard Level Certification

24 hours of training (12h didactic plus 12h dyadic), plus 3 hours self-therapy and 6 hours of supervision.

Didactic Training: Schema model. Mode model. Identifying modes. Case conceptualization. Psychoeducation. Working sheets. Typical modes related to specific disorders



Workshop 1: Schema Therapy Treatment Strategies designed for Auxiliary Professionals:  

1 day (6 hours) supervised dyadic practice exercises, whole group/fishbowl exercises, demonstrations

covering the goals of ST, identifying modes and schemas. limited reparenting. empathic confrontation. difficult situations, especially with patients with personality disorder features.


Workshop 2: Special Treatment Situations for Auxiliary Professionals:

1 day (6 hours) dyadic practice exercises covering the application of schema therapy for the specific target populations of the multidisciplinary treatment teams (e.g. Personality Disorders BPD etc,  Complex Trauma).



Self–therapy Workshop:

½ day (3 hours) in a group format with no more than 6 participants or 6 hours with 12 participants and two trainers.

The focus is on professional’s own schemas: dealing with obstacles in treatment when own schemas become activated with certain types of patients or certain modes.




Requirement: 6 hours NB: Attendance at a minimum of 4 group supervision sessions (max. 6 participants) each lasting 1.5 h is required (in all 6h).

Supervision can begin after completion of workshop 2.

Monthly supervision is recommended for participants to build on their practice, while their new skills are still fresh in mind.

At every session, some of the participants must present their own video material and everyone has to present videos at least 2 out of the 4 supervision sessions.


Advanced Level Certification 

To be confirmed.