Emotionally Focused Family Therapy: Level 2

Advanced Training     

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This workshop will focus on the six core competencies integral to the practice of Emotionally Focused Family Therapy. Participants focus on key change events in EFFT and therapist practices used to promote parental openness and child vulnerability. The training provides direction in transforming parental intention into more effective engagement of caregiving and engaging attachment responses within the family system. The two days will offer in-depth skills training through a combination of brief lectures, video demonstrations, live modeling, case discussions, and supervised role-playing practice. The interventions of EFT as it applies to the family context will be described and demonstrated and participants will have the opportunity to practice EFFT core skills in small groups. The emphasis in this workshop will be on skills building and applying the model to the participants’ family practice.



Gail Palmer – MSW, RMFT

ICEEFT Certified EFT Supervisor and Trainer

Please note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions and impact on schedules these dates (Sep 11th-12th) have been postponed. We have moved training online, and it will take place in 2021.