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Cost is one of the greatest barriers to mental health treatment. Many people worry about the costs of therapy. While the cost of therapy is a very real concern, we would prefer that you call if you need help.  All initial inquiries are directed to a senior practitioner who you will be able to speak with and at an arranged time for a short , so there should be no waiting around or lengthy phone calls. It is usual that if we can help, that following a thorough assessment we can will be strategic and determine how therapy can be targeted.


How much does a psychologist or psychotherapist cost per hour?  The simple answer is: it varies.


Below is a typical range, based upon training and experience.

  • Principal (ISST Advanced Certified Individual and Group  Schema Therapist, Trainer and Supervisor):  

                   Assessment and regular session fees range between  £190 – £250

  • Psychologists and psychotherapists participating in an ISST approved training programme

                   Assessment and regular session fees range between  £50-£150 * lower fees are available by arrangement.


Alternatively if you are interested in any of our training courses, would like to register, or simply have an enquiry about training, please complete our Registration and Enquiry form.  

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