Schema Certification Workshops


The Schema Institute of London’s Certification Programme is approved by the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST). 

To apply to attend any of the following courses, please click through to the course info pages. 


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Auxiliary Professionals Schema Therapy Training

Increased access to Schema Therapy Training. First centre in the UK to offer this course. 

Part 1 : Introductory Workshops 

Content will follow the Standard Schema Therapy Certification (Part 1)

Duration : 2 days

Trainer : Agnes Sullivan

Dates : 20th & 21st September 2019


Part 2 : Main Auxiliary Workshops 


Duration : 2 days (Auxiliary Workshop 1 & 2)

Trainer : Agnes Sullivan

Dates : 3rd & 4th October 2019

Self–therapy Workshop


Duration : 3 hours

Trainer : Agnes Sullivan

Dates : Next course dates TBC


Total cost for Part 1 + Part 2 = £680.00

Part 1 : Schema Therapy Conceptual Model and Overview of Assessment and Change Phases


Duration : 3 days

Trainer : Agnes Sullivan

Dates : 19th, 20th & 21st September 2019

Cost : £525.00


Part 2 : Case Conceptualisation & Limited Reparenting. 


Duration : 3 days

Trainer : Agnes Sullivan

Dates : 3rd, 4th & 5th October 2019

Cost : £525.00


Part 3 : Strategies with Personality Disorders, BPD, NPD and Self Therapy / Therapist Pitfalls.


Duration : 3 days

Trainer : Agnes Sullivan

Dates :  7th, 8th & 9th of November 2019

Cost : £525.00


Costs for Part 1, 2 and 3 together : £1300.00

Not including supervision or ratings of recorded sessions. 

Standard Individual Schema Therapy Certification – Total Cost : £3,280.00

Including parts 1, 2 and 3; Supervision (20 hours individual) and ratings of 2 recorded sessions. 

Advanced Individual Schema Therapy Certification – Total Cost : £5,480.00

Including parts 1, 2 and 3; Supervision (40 hours individual) and ratings of 4 recorded sessions. 

A master class in self reflection and self practice. 


Duration : 1 day

Trainer : Ida ShawJoan Farrell

Dates : 19th September 2019

Cost : £165.00 + Booking fee


Parts 1 – 4 : Certification program regarding theory and practical training


Duration : 4 days

Trainer : Agnes Sullivan, Susanne Vind

Dates : 1st Dec to 4th Dec 2019

Cost : £680.00



Dedicated supervision for GST Certification – for individual and co-therapist pairs


Supervisor : Agnes Sullivan, Susanne Vind

Dates : Ongoing


Feedback we’ve received on our Group Schema Therapy Training…

…great structure and precision on how to collaborate as co-therapists and use case conceptualisation within Group Schema Therapy.

Total Cost : £1980.00

Includes all training days for parts 1 – 4, and Supervision (20 hours). 

Workshop 1 – Introductory workshop + Schema Therapy for Children and Adolescents


Trainer : Ida Shaw

Cost : £510.00

Dates : Next course dates TBC


Workshop 2 – Schema Therapy working with Children and Parents


Trainer : Ida Shaw

Cost : £345.00

Dates : Next course dates TBC


Workshop 3 – Helping Parents and Children work through mode clashes and survive adolescence.


Trainer : Ida Shaw

Cost : £347.00 + Booking fee. 

Dates : 17th, 18th Sept 2019


Workshop 4 – Case Conceptualisation


Trainer : Ida Shaw

Cost : £345.00

Dates : Next course dates TBC


Special Workshops

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Emotionally Focused Family Therapy:  Healing Relationships and Promoting Resilience

Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) is an attachment-based approach combining systemic and experiential interventions, which is the foundation in helping parents and children who are struggling with remaining securely attached.


Trainer : Gail Palmer RMFT, MSW

Dates : 1st to 3rd November 2019

Course info & Application form


Understanding and Healing the Enmeshment / Underdeveloped Self Schema

From Merging & Disconnection to Autonomy & Attachment. A 2 day workshop specifically on the Enmeshment and Underdeveloped Self Schema. 


Trainer : Jeff Conway, LCSW

Dates : 29th & 30th of November 2019

Course Info & Application form


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Notes and FAQs

  • Unless otherwise stated, training will take place at the Schema Institutes Covent Garden site.
  • The Schema Therapy Institute, reserves the right to change the dates, for reasons of inclement weather.
  • If payment is being made by an NHS Trust, payment arrangements should be confirmed in advance with the trust.
  • If the chosen course has a certification element, all training days must be attended.
  • Discounts for group bookings (3 or more) are available. Please call to discuss.
  • Individual Schema Therapy Certification is not a pre-requisite for participants wishing to register for Group or Child and Adolescent Schema Therapy Certification training at the Schema Therapy Institute. A minimum of 12 hours of prior knowledge of Schema Therapy training is required, as evidenced on brief course application letter

Our website content covers the courses we offer, the dates we offer them on, the costs for the courses, and the curriculum. If however there is something you need to ask the team please use the following enquiry button to send a message to the team.